Saturday, December 29, 2018

Pitu-Amazing Video And Photo Editing App

Pitu-Amazing Video And Photo Editing App..

Pitu-Amazing Video And Photo Editing App

hi, friends, now you can make amazing video and photos on Pitu app. Pitu app is free of cost to make video and photos. Pitu's blockbuster launch "Crazy cosplay", "primary school students cosplay", "Uniform cosplay" with super multi-burst play mode. such a beauty cam, beauty makeup, Crazy ex-face, Pitu surged to 1st place of appstore in Taiwan, Hong kong, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.

Pitu Beauty Cam
Super cute, super fun self-timer camera. Beauty filters specifically designed for the portrait, face slimming, enlarge eyes, real-time makeup...A variety of dynamic stickers, become the most lovely one in SNS instantly. Magic background, gesture trigger, 3D decoration, we have everything you want!
Pitu Edit
One click beautify. Simple and practical operation, cutting, rotating, special effects, spot blur, intelligent fill light, night enhancement, mosaic, star light mirror, instantly make your photos gorgeous.

Pitu Beauty Makeup
One click beauty&makeup, you are the fairy! Intelligent facial features precise positioning,slimming face, foundation, lip gloss, blush, nose high light,eyebrow, hair, you can even design your smile. A variety of optional makeup, bare, Korean, Japanese, natural...
Pitu Story Collage
Massive fashion templates, exclusive intelligent watermark, create your own personality photo wall, spell a good mood. Record lift story, necessary for travelers!
Pitu Crazy ex-face
Real-time face recognition, rich and varied role-changing, rocket-like update speed. Wuzetian, primary school students, uniforms...One second to turn yourself into super stars!
Pitu GIF Emoticon
All kinds of the hottest stickers nowadays, recording their own expression emoticon.

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